About Us


What is Pixies Closet

Pixies Closet is the 1st Mobile UpCycled Boutique In Denver CO. We are very unique and provide the best thrift on wheels experience. 

Pixies Closet was founded in 2018. The owner Cecilia Gutierrez was selling clothing from the trunk of her car and that’s how the idea came about. 

Although, we knew building Pixies Closet was going to be a challenge because of its new and unique concept, as the years go by we have successfully been able to give Pixies Closet an identity. 

We will keep working hard to give our customers the best thrift on wheels shopping experience


Shopping the purple bus

As you enter the purple bus you are instantly amazed by the concept . You are greeted by staff and automatically feel a welcoming and warm feeling. As you walk through, you’ll notice all the amazing items such as clothing, shoes, accessories, you will potentially will walk out with! 


Let’s shop till you drop!

At Pixies Closet you will find amazing things such as clothing, shoes, accessories, and much more! 

We handpicked all items in a very unique way and have them ready for you to shop till you drop!